We, the Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik (student council of mathematics and computer science) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology would like to welcome you on our website for the orientation period (O-Phase) in winter semester 2022 / 2023. Here you can get the most important information and news you will need as a new student.

In addition you’ll get in touch with your fellow students – perhaps some friendships arise too!

The O-Phase will take place from the 16.10.2023 to the 21.10.2023, both start and end included.

While the whole O-Phase is voluntarily, we really recommend participating to ease up the first weeks of your first semester. It’s not going to be boring, we promise!

Fachbereichsinformation - Livestream

Bachelor Informatics: https://meet.vs.kit.edu/b/pat-frd-pjr-tkl
Bachelor Mathematics: https://meet.vs.kit.edu/b/pat-l3x-6it-9zy
Master Informatics: https://meet.vs.kit.edu/b/pat-5pc-u84-7hx
Master Mathematics: https://meet.vs.kit.edu/b/pat-c38-ngh-s8o

Opening Event

The Opening Event will take place on Monday the 16th October at 09:00 AM in the Audimax.


There will be no livestream of the Opening Event.


You do not have to register to participate at the O-Phase. We will inform you about changes regarding the registration. Check the website regularly to acquire the newest information, if you want to be sure.

You will receive an official invitation, containing a more detailed plan of the O-Phase. This invitation is also uploaded here.

If you haven’t heard anything until the 01.10.2023, feel free to look at the invitation here. If any question arise, please get in touch via mail or if possible in person.

Questions regarding your course of studies

If you have any questions you would like to ask before our informational events, you can always write us an E-Mail:

Wrong field of study?

If you’ve applied for a field of study not with the department of mathematics or computer science, please find the contact information for your orientation period on the AStA website.