Here you can find the information regarding our livestream. The livestream will be in German unless noted otherwise.

The “important” streams will be published on publications

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You can watch our livestream at In case of server overload, we will switch to our YouTube channel.

Chat in the streams
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Streaming schedule

Here you can find the schedule for our streams.

Time 26.10. 27.10. 28.10. 29.10. 30.10.
10:00 Lecturer talk: Sauer (LA) Lecturer talk: Tichy (SWT, starting at 11 a.m.) Interview: ISS (Informatik Studiengang Service)
14:00 Study Information Master Informatik Study Information Master Mathematik Study Information Bachelor Mathematik Study Information Bachelor Informatik Closing event
- Infrastructure Review (until 3 p.m.)
- Results of the O-Rallye, conclusion and highlights
16:00 Let's Play Campussystem
(Registration for exercise sheets, exams and more)
Math in board games Education Q&A
18:00 Presentation of college groups at the KIT
(until 8:30 p.m.)
Graduate interviews (starting at 7 p.m.) Hacky Hour
20:00 Talk about subsidiary subjects Presentation of college groups at the KIT

College groups

Please see the german version for a list of the precise times of the presentations.

All streams

The “important” streams will be published on publications

Former streaming schedule

Date Event Duration (planned)
04.09.2020 5 p.m. Self-introduction and interna from the orga, talks about studying at KIT ca. 3 h
11.09.2020 5 p.m. Before you start: Living in Karlsruhe, Moving-Checklist, What you'll need for your studies (and what you won't need)
If you want: What to expect during the O-Phase (Topic from 04.09.)
ca. 3 h
18.09.2020 5 p.m. Bachelor Mathematics/Informatics: The 1st Semester -- Lecture overview and tips from experienced students
7.30 p.m. Ask us anything
ca. 3 h
27.09.2020 5 p.m. (Sunday!) Everyday life during one semester -- Lecture and exam period
ab ca. 19:30 Offene Fragerunde zu allen Themen
ca. 3 h
03.10.2020 5 p.m. (Saturday!) How will the O-Phase take place.
~ 6 p.m. The schedule of lectures arrived. Timetable of the first semester
~ 7:30 p.m. Ask us anything
ca. 3h
09.10.2020 5 p.m. (Friday) Current status of the O-Phase
~ 5:30 p.m. Key qualifications: eezi, Language courses, HoC courses
~ 6:30 p.m. Free time activities at KIT (besides studying): Volunteering, sports, etc.
~ 7:30 p.m. Ask us anything
ca. 3 h
16.10.2020 2 p.m. Welcoming event ca. 2 h
18.10.2020 8 p.m. Exceptional stream concerning the current situation
new COVID-19 regulation and possibilities for alternative schedule
ca. 2 h
19.10.2020 8 p.m. Announcement of stream schedule for this week
Presentation of our information brochure for freshmen
ca. 2 h
20.10.2020 2 p.m. Study Information Bachelor Mathematik ca. 2 h
20.10.2020 20:00 Short guide to programming languages in the (computer science) studies
Java, C, Haskell and others
Many useful and some useless facts
ca. 2 h
21.10.2020 2 p.m. Study Information Master Informatik ca. 2 h
21.10.2020 16:00 Announcement O-Rallye ca. 30 min
21.10.2020 18:00 Presentation PSE projects
Results of software projects in the 3rd semester
ca. 1h 30min
22.10.2020 2 p.m. Study Information Master Mathematik ca. 2 h
22.10.2020 16:00 Lecturer talk: Worsch (GBI) ca. 2h
22.10.2020 20:00 General talk about studying ca. 2h
23.10.2020 2 p.m. Study Information Bachelor Informatik ca. 2 h
23.10.2020 16:00 Hacky Hour ca. 2h
23.10.2020 18:00 Explaining the group assignment algorithm ca. 2h
24.10.2020 18:00 Sandwich toasting by submissions ca. 2h
24.10.2020 20:00 Interacitve gaming stream open end