Here, you can find the information regarding our livestream. The livestream will be in German unless noted otherwise.

For more information, please visit the German version of this page.


You can watch our livestream at In case of server overload, we will switch to our YouTube channel.

Feel free to use the chat on our livestream site – we try to react to your comments! You might have to register via the link you received with your invitation in order to use the chat.

Streaming schedule

We will puplish the schedule for our streams here. Future events will be announced a few weeks up front.

Date Event Duration (planned)
04.09.2020 5 p.m. Self-introduction and interna from the orga, talks about studying at KIT ca. 3 h
11.09.2020 5 p.m. Before you start: Living in Karlsruhe, Moving-Checklist, What you’ll need for your studies (and what you won’t need)
If you want: What to expect during the O-Phase (Topic from 04.09.)
ca. 3 h
18.09.2020 5 p.m. Bachelor Mathematics/Informatics: The 1st Semester – Lecture overview and tips from experienced students
7.30 p.m. Ask us anything
ca. 3 h
27.09.2020 5 p.m. (Sunday!) Everyday life during one semester – Lecture and exam period
ab ca. 19:30 Offene Fragerunde zu allen Themen
ca. 3 h
tba more warm-up events
16.10.2020 2 p.m. Welcoming event ca. 2 h
20. – 29.10.2020 2 p.m. study information videos (alternating) ca. 2 h
tba more streams
30.10.2020 2 p.m. Closing event ca. 1 h